About Atlantis Aurora

Atlantis Aurora has over 10 year’s experience in designing and installing vertical gardens around the world.

Our vertical gardens add value by transforming new and existing buildings into beautiful green ambiance for patrons to enjoy. Interiors are renewed with refreshing vertical garden backdrops that purify the local air and convert harmful toxins.

Our systems are highly water efficient and designed for low maintenance and installation longevity. Furthermore our systems are cost effective and simple to maintain. Atlantis Aurora utilises selected materials and products for the vertical garden structure that provide system longevity that does not require replacement or break down during the projects lifetime. The irrigation systems utilised are industry standard and can be easily accessed and maintained.

Since 1986 the Atlantis brand provides the landscape industry with innovative products that have become industry standards. The team at Atlantis Aurora are experienced professionals from multiple disciplines that work together to provide innovative sustainable solutions for today’s green buildings and infrastructure requirements.

We tailor our approach of vertical garden design to suit the project requirements and the local environmental conditions to ensure a sustainable and healthy installation.

The Atlantis philosophy is to build green cities which are covered in plants that would function like a sponge, absorbing water from roof gardens, vertical gardens, parks and roads. The rainfall would be captured at the source allowing for filtered water to be made available for re-use and excess water would replenish natural aquifers. The vegetation would provide a sink for carbon converting CO2 and producing oxygen.